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1 hour error in sunset and sunrise time, also visible on charted position of the sun

Dear support team

As i was needing exact timing data of sunset and subsequent astronomical twilight start for itelescope robotic session, i set location to Mayhill NM USA by inputing following data

Lat 32d 54m 13s and Lon 105d 31m 42s. The Time zone UTC -6 came automatically. Location got set.

While for 26 July 2020, all other software including Cartes du ciel, weather applet of itelescope show approx same sunset time of 20-04 to 20 06 which is 8:06PM. at max.

Sky Safari 6 pro (Version is showing 9:04:51 PM which is an hour off from rest of the predictions. Same is for sunrise time. Its not just time value difference in info of object, its also visible in sky chart with sun's position depicted. Is it a bug or anything to do with daylight saving etc?

Phone is Samsung J7 Prime on android 8.1.0.





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