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SkySafari needs "Syn" capability within the Scope control section

I have an Explore Scientific Alt-Az push-to 12" DOB with an Astro Devices Nexus-2 & magnetic angle encoder.  This device links to an iPad running SkySafari6Pro.  I first do the initial 2 star alignment.  When then moving the scope to a desired object, the SS6 cross-hair is invariably noticeably slightly off target - enough that it is usually not in a wide eyepiece.  If I then tap on the object (in SS6) & hit Align, I get "Command Failure: Object too far from actual position".   I've never been able to do a 3 or 4 star alignment without some error.  All very frustrating.  I suspect the magnetic encoder is a factor to be considered.  The design of this DOB does not present an easy placement of an Alt rotary encoder.  SkySafari needs a Syn command to shift the cross-hair to the scope position.   With that capability, star hopping would be greatly enhanced.  A more robust alignment algorithm which uses 4+ stars would be equally useful.  Other planetarium software have Syn commands.  For example, TheSky has had Syn capability since it was introduced in the mid 1990s.  My Celestron GEM mount has a 5 star alignment procedure & Syn capability within the mount firmware.   So, this idea is not beyond reason.  

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    Keiron Smith

    Please duplicate this post, copy & paste, into the community forum here:

    SkySafari | Feature Requests

    We will review this during development of SS7.


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