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Star sense pointed CGEM mounted telescope at star but sky safari 6 is pointing in another place

I am trying to control my telescope with my Android tablet through skyfi 3. I do all the auto alignments and then the calibration starsense requires and the everything works great. I then connect my tablet through skyfi3 and the target shown on the tablet display is a little bit off from where the telescope is pointing.  If I select that star I am looking at on the tablet display the telescope will move to where skyfi says the star is but the telescope is pointing somewhere else in space with the same offset that it had originally.

When I tried to do an alignment in sky safari I get an error message that says it is too far and to recheck my settings.

If I slew to another object using the handpiece the same thing happens again.

It appears to me because the offset is always consistent that the SkySafari app is not taking into account the calibration offset that is performed after the starsense auto alignment.  The calibration aligns the center of the field of view with where the mount is pointing. And of course after doing that calibration another Auto Alignment is performed.

Once again if I used to hand piece everything comes right in the center of the field of view even slewing to other objects.  There's just the offset between where the telescope is pointing and where the display is pointing on my tablet after connecting to the telescope through skyfi3.

Does anyone know how to resolve this

Thank You


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