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Meade Magellan 1 not working with SkySafari 6

This is additional information related to Roger Perkins post related to the Magellan II not working.  My Magellan 1 does not communicate with version 6.  This is my first version so I do not know if it worked in previous versions.  I connected my Magellan 1 to my laptop's planetarium software and turned on my serial log.  Maybe these details will help.  The Magellan 1 communicates at 1200 baud.  The transmission string from my software to get RA/DEC values was: 

# : GR# : GD#

The response from the Magellan 1 is: (just using generic RA/DEC values)


where the b looks like the beta symbol in ascii.  

Maybe this data can help the developers make version 6 communicate with the Magellan 1





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    Roger Perkins

    Hi Jim,

    I can't be 100% certain, but your planetarium software probably used a 3rd party application similar to Telnet to log the data on the serial interface. The "beta" character was most likely not the real character but an interpretation by the logging utility. The real character would have been an asterisk as it was supposed to be. If you look at my post again you will notice that Telnet did not print the correct character as well.

    Hopefully, they will put the Magellan 1 and 2 back in as it was in SkySafari 5 and fix the missing right-ascension; or at least give us control of the baud rate on the LX200 Classic setup.

    Have a good day, Roger

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