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How To Add Sky-Watcher Super 25 Wide Angle & Super 10 Eyepieces In SkySafari 6 Plus? (Answer: Read On!)

I've bought SkySafari 6 Plus on the mac, and I'm trying to accurately add my eyepiece to the equipment settings.

My telescope is a Sky-Watcher Heritage 130p (link), which I found in a drop-down list.

But it came with two (generic?) eyepieces, just labelled "Super 25 Wide Angle Long Eye Relief" and "Super 10 Long Eye Relief".

Which eyepiece should I select from the list?

Many thanks, and apologies if this is a dumb question.

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    Keiron Smith

    Hi Thomas, 

    Please go to Telescope > Equipment > Eyepieces [+] > Create Custom Eyepiece > add your eyepiece specs.  Consult your SkyWatcher manual for this info.


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