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[Feature Request] Wish list for version 9 or add ons for version 8 pro

Hi.  I have beta test version 8 pro for awhile now.  I also have used another program called Stellarium.    Here is a list of features that would be nice either as add ons to this version or for later versions:

More natural colors for lunar eclipses.

Stars blinking out or blinking on when moon's edge passes center of star during lunar occultations.

Penumbra and umbra magnitudes display options on HUD display.

Solar eclipse shadow maps displayed on earth with contact times and magnitudes for selected locations.

Lunar eclipse contact times for selected locations with magnitudes.

Mutual phenonomium of both Jupiter and Saturn's moons 

Simulations of all major and minor meteor showers.

Being able to see the umbra shadow on the moon while still seeing the shadow overlays like on previous versions like 6 and before.

These are some ideas that would make this software truly more amazing than it is right now.


Gerry Kisiel 

beta tester.


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    Adolfo Baltazar

    I agree! So many timea I had to fall back to Stellarium just to look for an asteroid that is not ready available on SN7 nor 8. By far the version 6 has been the best. And what's with that slow stop when time advancing-regressing in versions 7 and 8? It feels like the way the Trolley stops at the stations in San Diego, Ca. Stop but not! Jeez!

    Adolfo Baltazar

    Beta Tester

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    Gerry K 2000

    Starry night is clearly the best astronomy software out there but it could be so much better.  Stellarium is no where as accurate but you can watch meteor showers on it, lunar eclipses look like they do in reality, they now display penumbra and umbra magnitudes during eclipses and you can watch the mutual phenomena of at least Jupiter's 4 largest moons.  If Starry Night did these there would be no doubt it would far more awesome than Stellarium.

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