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Can I Connect With SkySafari If The Meade ETX 90 Hand Controller Is Not Working? (Answer: No, Read On!)

ETX 90 hand controller not working so cannot allign the telescope. How can I use skyFi in this situation


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    Keiron Smith

    Hi Tauqir,

    The hand controller is required.  You must star-align your mount with the hand controller before connecting with SkySafari.

    You can contact Meade and ask about a replacement hand controller # 497


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    Martinnewbold Mn

    I dont think it will work I have a creen problem on my 497 but if you connect Meade Autostar though 505 cable mine works  I had same connection issues on Android initally with my LX90 Kierion said he will not support Meade so suggest you go else where unless he changes his mind. Connection over Wifi is still a bit odd if you stand to close .  There is no train implemented for Meade and Kerion will not add one according to his post when it just needs a GPS co-ordinate to be sent .


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    Keiron Smith

    Celestron has paid for the development costs associated with their special WiFi alignment operations.  That is why Celestron WiFi is supported in that special way.

    SkySafari + SkyFi 3 works perfectly with all Meade telescopes when the Meade mount is aligned via the hand controller first.

    This is also how SkySafari works with almost every other mount on the market.

    Meade is supported fully, as it always has been.  

    Martin, if your Meade hand controller is broken then you need to get another one.


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