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Safari want to go to Southern Hemisphere but set to Toronto Canada

I do not know why but Safari Pro want to use the southern hemisphere even though I select Toronto Canada as the location, it is using the start point along the souther axis not the northern  If I setup using the hand controller everything is ok  then if I use Safari's  goto it will go and point downward instead of upward. The hand controller works OK when I select a target but not Safari Pro. Using celestron 8 inch scope. with Star Sense. 


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    Luigi Devicienti

    i have the same issue, i selcted Milan but the the mount seems working in the Southern Hemisphere...

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    Keiron Smith

    Dan, Luigi, 

    Please provide step-by-step descriptions (with screenshots) showing exactly how you are aligning the scope.

    Please do not skip steps, or assume we know what you are doing.

    Please also provide device, OS and app version numbers.


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    Juan Ignacio Rios

    Hello I have the same problem but backwards. I'm in the southern hemisphere, and Skysafari think that I'm in northern Hemisphere, so, it?s not controlling the telescope. I have a Samsung Galaxy S22, and Sky Safari 6 pro. Help!

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