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[Needs Path To Reproduction] Why Is The SkyWatcher AZ-GTi Position Not Correct After Connecting To The Mount Via SynScan_Link? (Answer: Needs To Be Reproducible)


When I connect the app to SkyWatcher AZ-GTi mount, sometimes telescope position display is not correct. In these cases I have to disconnect and reconnect the app again to the mount then it becomes accurate.

SkySafari version number is Pro 6.7.6
iOS version number is 14.2
Device is iPhone SE (2020)
Telescope mount is SkyWatcher AZGTi
Hand controller: iOS app SynScan Pro 1.19.0



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    Keiron Smith

    Hi Tamas, 

    Please work on the problem and see if you can make it a reproducible issue.  We can not track down issues that occur only sometimes.



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    Tamás Fehér

    Hi Keiron,

    Sorry for the late response, we did not have clear sky since my last comment here. But Yesterday I made a video about the issue. Sorry I left SynScan app in my native language, but I think the point is visible. It is visible that SynScan app goto is accurate, I just made some fine alignment to put Rigel in the center of the view. The first connection attempt between SkySafari and SynScan is wrong, I had to disconnect then reconnect to the mount in order to have correct visual positioning in SkySafari. Link to the video:


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