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How To Connect SkySafari 6 On Pixel 3L + Orion SynScan WiFi Adapter On GoTo Mount? (User Needs Help And Suggested Get The SynScan App Direct From SkyWatcher)

Current Scope Settings:

(Pixel 3l is connected to Scope's WiFi Network via Synscan WiFi Adapter plugged into mount)

Open SkySafari Pro 6


Scope Type: Skywatcher SynScan

Mount Type - Equatorial GoTo (German)

Connect via WiFi

IP Address:

Port Number : 11880

Go to Home Screen

Press Connect

Message: Connection Failure - Sky Safari Pro can't make a wireless connection to the scope.

If you are using bluetooth...

If you are using Wi-Fi, make sure you've joined the scope's W-Fi network, and entered it's IP Address correctly.


Note: IP Address obtained from Network details from WiFi settings on Pixel 3L.

IP Address


Subnet mask


Port Number came from Instruction Manual

I would appreciate any advice.




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