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[Feature Request] Assign One Observation to Multiple Observing Lists

I  know others have asked for this so there is some demand.  Please consider adding the capability to assign one observation to multiple observing lists.  For example, I'm working on multiple double star observing lists and there is some overlap between them. If I observe a target once, I'd like to register it as observed from all the lists on which it appears. At present I have to create a new observation then copy all the data piecemeal from one to the other and assign the new observation to the alternate list.  I usually have my observing lists set to only highlight unobserved items.  If I have already observed an item, I don't want to have it appearing on my lists.  I sketch as I go and am cognizant of the requirements of multiple AL observing challenges so between my sketch and notes, I can meet requirements of multiple observing lists.
It would be nice if you added a feature in the observing list drop down menu where one could check multiple observing lists to be associated with the one observation. Alternatively, at least add a 'duplicate' function in the session screen where now the only functions are: "edit observation", "delete", and "done".


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