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[Feature Request] SkySafari 6 Plus/Pro | do something with 'now' button

Maybe others don't have this issue. But for me is very very annoying. It happened to me countless times.

Almost each time I try to setup a time to some past (or future) datetime - like an eclipse of 1999, when I keep tapping on the arrows I accidentaly tap on the Now button ruining all effort.

I don't have a ready solution on how to fix this. But i have some ideas.

  • Move the button elsewhere whene it wouldn't be tapped by accident?
  • Add an option to disable it temporarily?
  • Add a back functionality so I could revert to my time I'm setting up even when I misclick?



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    Tom Polakis

    This has come up before.  I run into this problem all the time, since I frequently want to change the time and date, and then repeatedly push the back or forward button to see what happens.  One accidental "Now," and it's a reset.

    Of the OP's ideas, maybe the  "back functionality" would be the cleanest to implement.

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