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[UX Issue]* Sort Option Fails

The "sort" selection for an "Observing List" is not working correctly. The sort you get is different from the sort you select.

For example, when I select "Transit" and return to the list, under "Actions & Settings" it says "Sorted by Altitude", and the list is if fact sorted that way.

The erroneous mappings include every one after Distance:

  • what I select -> what I get
  • Right Ascension -> Constellation
  • Declination -> Rise Time
  • Azimuth -> Transit Time
  • Altitude -> Set Time
  • Constellation -> Right Ascension
  • Rise Time -> Declination
  • Set Time -> Azimuth
  • Transit -> Altitude

This effects both the iPad and iPhone apps.

SkySafari 6 Pro, Ver

iPad iOS 12.5.1

iPhone iOS 14.4




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