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[Feature Request] Share Skylist skySafari 6


I am a member of the french "Astronomy VA" forum, dedicated to all the exploration of the sky with electronic camera helps.

With an another member (older than me), I have worked to build a skylist library for all our colleagues.

Some lists come from:

with sometimes some few changes


and we have created new ones:

- Abell catalogue,

- Rose catalogue,

- for use with filter: UHC, Oiii, ...

- Ootw from 2016 to now




Text is french, but skylist are no-language ones. You could take what you want & share (with a note from the source)


To the Skylist Skysafari team: If you want to create a new "french AVA forum" in the

I think my colleague will be very very happy, If you could,


Best regards & enjoy with skySafari



PS: I am not sure that I have placed it in  the good place.


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