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[Telesconn]* SkySafari Fails Acquire Correct Positioning Upon Initial Connection Via SkyScanLink And SynScan Pro App On iOS

I have a SkyWatcher AZGTi mount, and I use SynScan Pro 1.19.0 with SkySafari 6 Pro This is on an IPhone running iOS 14.3. I can align perfectly with SynScan, and it can effortlessly find all objects where I want to go. However, when I use SkySafari (Scope Type SkyWatcher SynScanLink) it starts sometimes at a completely different position, and even if it starts close to the correct position a Go To command invariably goes wrong, sometimes stopping halfway towards the target.

I believe that something is amiss with the communication between SynScan and SkySafari.


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    Keiron Smith Official comment
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    I have new information about this problem, because I have found a workaround.

    It turns out that after the initial connection between SkySafari and SynScan where SkySafari gets a completely wrong position, I should go back to SynScan, and then go back to SkySafari again. SkySafari then reestablishes the connection, and this time gets the position right!

    i have tried it several times. The wrong position is only found at the initial link between SynScan and SkySafari.

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    Keiron Smith

    Thanks for the report.  Developers will review.  

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