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How To Connect SkySafari 6 Plus + SkyFi 3 + SkyWatcher EQ6 R Mount? (SkyFi Damaged)

I have Sky Safari 6 plus version 6 running on an mac book air. I am using a sky fi device. I am trying to connect to sky watcher EQ6_R mount. The computer connects to the ski fi connection but then cannot connect to the telescope. The error message is 'Sky Safari 6 plus can not make tcp/ip network connect to the telescope' As far as I can tell everything is correct. Telescope type, cable connections, battery charged, etc. I read about the PC direct and that is been turned off. The mount works fine with the hand controller.



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    Keiron Smith


    Please ensure your scope is star-aligned before trying to connect.

    If you need more help please post screenshots of all your settings.

    Also, confirm you can access the SkyFi WiFi settings webpage.


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    John Benecke

    After researching this and backtracking I realize the ski fi unit is damaged. My young son plugged the ski fi unit into the aux port of my Celestron CGEM mount while it was powered up and the Sky fi unit was also powered up. In your web documentation it specifically says this action will damage the ski fi unit and could also damage the mount. My Celestron mount is being replaced with the Sky Watcher. I powered up the old CGEM mount and it will not connect either. I have a new ski fi unit on order.

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