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Dear sirs,
I am very disappointed and frustrated. I have been an happy user of Sky Safari Plus for Androind and I also bought in-app functions. Now I moved to Iphone and when I searched Sky Safari, the App Store showed me ONLY the standard version, which I bought for 3.49€ only to discover that it is useless for me. Afterwards I discovered that also the separate Plus version exists, it is way more expensive (not nice, but ok) and I should buy it separately. I can't buy it in-app and pay just the difference (this is very unfair). The App Store should show immediately the option, not after you bought one which is easily the wrong one, since on Android the prices are totally different and cheaper. I disinstalled the standard version from my Iphone and asked for reimbursement. If it will be accepted I will for sure consider spending the extra money to buy the Plus version, it's not much money compared to the cost of my astronomy setup. But If my reimbursement will be refused, I will move to another mobile platform both on the smartphone and on my tablet, which is still an Android one. It's a matter of customer experience and customer trust.

Moreover, I had to type this request 4 times, because of your website very strange interaction with the forums. This is not a nice user experience.


Kind regards




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