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How To Connect SkySafari 6 Pro + ZWO ASI Air Pro + SynScan App On Android + SkyWatcher AZ-EQ5 mount? (Answer: Read On!)

My Equipment includes:

- Skywatcher AZ-EQ5 with pier, using SynScan WiFi dongle.

- Celestron C8 8" with Baader dovetail, Orion 8x50 finder.

- Canon 750D (T6i) main camera connected with its own USB cable.

- ZWO ASI Air Pro connected to mount with a USB-B cable (from an Epson printer).

- ZWO 120MM guide camera with Mini Scope.

- Celestron PowerTank battery.

- Samsung Galaxy A50 with Android 11.

After a lot of reading of messages of other people in internet, I finally managed to communicate SkySafari and ASI Air with the mount. I solved the SkySafari problem first. The trick consisted in operating the SynScan app simultaneously with SkySafari using multiple windows on the Samsung Galaxy A50 cell phone. You can perform an object search with SynScan and use the arrows to move the telescope. At the same time you can search in SkySafari and locate the object on the cell phone. In doing so, it appears that SkySafari commands the SynScan to perform the location because when giving the command in SkySafari the search appears in the SynScan window at the same time that the cursor (the focus) in SkySafari is seen moving towards the object. The SkySafari window can be moved or resized over the SynScan app that does not support multiple windows. To connect the SynScan app, it is necessary to connect the hotspot of the SynScan WiFi adapter (SynScan_WiFi_XXXX) on the cell phone. To connect SkySafari I configured in Settings/Telescope Setup the SkyWatcher SynScan Scope, Equatorial mount and access to WIFi through IP and Port 11882. It only connected with the SynScan app operating, it disconnected when SynScan closed or changed the screen, reconnected if SynScan was reopened; that led me to the multiple window. I did several tests with SkySafari and position adjustments with the arrows on the SynScan.

Then I went to ASI Air. The method published by ZWO on their website to connect the AZ-GTi mount with WiFi SynScan did not work. Rather, I used the USB-B cable that comes with Epson printers and set Serial connection to 115200 baud and EQMod mount as seen in the picture. After connecting to the ASI Air app, the information configured in the mount appeared. To connect SkySafari through the ASI Air Pro I followed the advice to deactivate the LTI option in my cell phone (Android 11), only then I could make a connection configuring in SkySafari under Settings/Telescope Setup using Connect Via Wifi with IP and port 9624and scope Meade LX200 Classic with Equatorial GoTo (German).

SkySafari and ASI AIr is a great couple and the best for astrophotography or just observing! You can use SkySafari with ASI Air to take photos or you can use SkySafari with the SynScan WiFi module to locate objects and enjoy observing. To exchange between both modes I created two different saved settings with the only difference been the Telescope Setup.

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    Keiron Smith


    This is an amazing troubleshooting document that will prove invaluable to our community!  

    Thank you soooooo much for sharing your success story with us here!

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