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[Feature Request] Allow SkySafari 7 Function To Unpark Mounts


We want to use SkySafari to control our telescopes at the observatory where we have aout 5'000 visitors a year. Currently we are using INDI to control our C14 on an EQ8. The problem is that SkySafari is not capable of unparking the scope before it makes the first goto.
I think the telescope world has changed a bit in the last years that more and more the original handpad is not used anymore. In my opinion, unpark and park the scope became a very basic need in order to only use SkySafari professionally.

I know Skysafari v7 is on the road. Will Skysafari 7 contain (at least in the PRO version?) the unpark and park possibility or should we search for other solutions than SkySafari (like using tablet PCs with kstars)?


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    Keiron Smith

    Moved your post to the Features Request community forum.  This is definitely something we can review for SS7.


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