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Android icon long press menu addition

I don't know what to call it but later Android versions (iOS probably, too) will show a menu after a long press on the app icon. The Google Play Store icon, for example, will show "My Apps" on the menu to allow us to go directly to managing installed apps. Sky Safari's only shows the default menu without any entries added by the developers.

I don't know which entries might be useful to others but I've though of one that I'd like to see--night mode. It's bad enough that I have to look at my phone first to launch Sky Safari but that can't be avoided. I would appreciate being able to launch directly into night mode. Yes, I know that I can simply leave the app in night mode before closing it and it will relaunch in night mode but that's not often the case for me. I don't like using night mode during the day and I never remember to leave it in night mode after day use.

Not a big deal and I promise not to pick up my toys and go home. Maybe other users can think of better uses of this Android feature and post them here.


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