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How Come SkySafari 6 Pro Keeps Dropping The Celestron WiFi Connection On My Evolution Mount?

Hi all,

I have been successfully using SkySafari Pro 6 (iPad app) with my Evolution Mount and Starsense for months now with no problem.  Intermittently over the last several weeks I everything will be running fine when out of nowhere I get the following error: "CONNECTION FAILURE: Skysafari 6 Pro can make a wireless network connection to the scope, but the scope is not responding.  Make sure it is connected and powered on. Also check that your scope type is correct."


At this time, I am unable to use the app, I lose my connection and can't get it back.  I power off the mount and iPad, restart everything and start again.  


Last night it came to a head where after an hour I could not keep my connection for more than 5 minutes.  Is there a fix for this error?  I will uninstall the Skysafari app and reinstall but any other direction would be REALLY helpful please.  




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    Lucky Budd

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    Keiron Smith


    The origin of connectivity issue, as described, is usually with the hardware, with the Celestron WiFi unit itself.

    Consider also other possible sources:

    1. Make sure your device is not going to sleep.
    2. Make sure you device and mount are not too far from one another.
    3. Make sure you device has a direct line of sight to the mount.
    4. Make sure you are using the direct WiFi connection; i.e. not sharing a WiFi network.
    5. Make sure you are using ScopeType: Celestron WiFi.
    6. Reboot both the device and mount.
    7. Open a ticket with Celestron Support.

    Test some more.  Let us know if the issue persists.  

    But, if it does the remedy may have to come from Celestron Support.

    Phone: 1-800-421-9649



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