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Using Skyfi with CPWI

I have been using CPWI with great success to control my Celestron 8SE telescope using a serial cable plugged into my laptop on one end and the Nexstar+ hand controller on my telescope on the other end. I'd like to use my Skyfi 2 to make the connection between CPWI and the hand controller without using the serial cable. I have successfully joined my Skyfi 2 to my home WIFI network. I have installed a virtual serial port on my laptop and can connect to my Skyfi 2 using this virtual port over my home WIFI network. The Skyfi 2 is also connected to the serial port on the bottom of the hand controller using the Skyfi serial cable. When I try to connect to my hand controller using CPWI, the following message on the display of the hand controller: BOOT LOADER Serial CFM request. Once this occurs, I can't go any further in CPWI. This tells me that the Skyfi 2 is allowing communication to occur between my laptop and hand controller over the virtual serial port, but for some reason the hand controller can't deal with it. I'm hoping that somebody out there has gone down this same road and has figured this out. If so, thanks in advance for your help.



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