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"Connection Failure" Skyfi3 not connecting to SkyWatcher HEQ5 Pro mount

Hi Keiron, I recently purchased a Skyfi3 for my HEQ5 Pro


  1. App and version number: SkySafari Pro version on Android and SkySafari Pro version on iOS (tried both
  2. OS version number: Android 10, iOS 12.5.2 (tried both) 
  3. Scope make and model: SkyWatcher HEQ5Pro
  4. Hand controller firmware version number: SynScan version 3.27
  5. WiFi hardware (i.e. SkyFi 3): SkyFi 3
  6. Confirm WiFi network connection via mobile device: Confirmed connection of my mobile devices to SkyFi 3
  7. Serial cables: Serial cable that came with the SkyWatcher telescope
  8. SkySafari Scope Type setting: SkyWatcher SynScan, Mount Type: Equatorial Go To (German)
  9. Alignment type process via hand controller: Could not get to that point

I am able to drive the telescope with another app (SynScan from SkyWatcher) but not with SkySafari wether Android or iOS

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    A S

    Hello, I don't have any knowledge about SkyFi.
    My solution: Disconnect the hand controller and put in the little SynScan-WIFI-module. Then start the app SynScan first (download from the Skywatcher pages, not from Playstore).  Then start Skysafari und connect.

    Regards Achim

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