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Problem With Incorrect Orientation In Some Parts Of The Sky

A strange problem : when I point my iphone to an object, it shows the same location with good orientation (ex Pointing to Vega shows Vega with the 4 stars in the same orientation). This is true for most of the sky. However pointing to the Great bear (big dipper). It is shown in it's +/- 12 hour (or +/- 6 months) position and orientation. Same is true for the little bear. Polaris is in it's correct position. Looking at another star in the same direction (north) such as Capella was shown correctly (rising in the NE horizon). The date/time are correct (I'm using the current time). Any ideas??? Thank-you in advance.

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    Louis Jones

    Never mind!! I was using horizontal coordinates with the option "reverse vertical". Thanks.

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