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Exiting Sky Safari 6 Pro on Galaxy Tab S5e

Is there any way to exit SS6 Pro other than sweeping up from the right side of the screen?  I find no other way to exit.  Sometimes I will need to sweep up 7 to 10 times to get the exit application dialog box. 

One time, I had to restart the tablet, to effect an exit after an observing session.  There are no back buttons showing on my screen when running SS6 Pro.


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    Keiron Smith


    Please share screenshots to better explain what you see, what you expect and what the problem appears to be.


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    John Fitzgerald


    I found the answer on CN.  Android 11 defaults to gestures only.  It's under "Settings>Display>Navigation bar " on my tablet, and I went there and set it to have traditional on screen navigation buttons.  I now can just touch the bottom of the SS6 Pro screen, and the buttons appear at the bottom.  The back button brings up the exit dialog box.  I found that if I leave SS6 Pro running, even when the tablet is locked, and the screen dark, it runs the battery down, so best to exit after a session.

    Thank you.  Hope this helps someone.

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