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User-defined positions, add filters, arcsec/px, save/link final .jpeg image

I am a new user of SkySafari Plus. Overall I am quite impressed and I really like this tool. On checking how SkySafari could best support my workflow I a missing some features. I have seen some of those features - if not all - were already wished by others. Nevertheless, I am posting this request to enforce the wish(es). The following are my wishes:

  • in observation lists possibility to enter user-defined REC/DEC position(s) (e.g., for making a mosaic image) that can be used for GoTo and made an observation
  • possibility to add filters from a list for observations
  • in scope display show for combinations with sensors arcsec/px (like the EP is shown for combinations with eyepieces)
  • possibility to add for imaging observations the final image (in .jpeg/.png format) or a least a link to the image (somewhere in the cloud, etc.)


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