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Sky Safari won't start


I'm having trouble with Sky Safari not starting. I get a black screen for a second, then the splash screen for a split second, and then it quits.

This happened on two different devices, my tablet and also my phone. I hadn't used the app for maybe a few months on either device so I assumed maybe it had something to do with an update. Rebooting didn't help on either device when I encountered the problem last night.

Today I uninstalled and reinstalled on both devices. The phone now works again, but the tablet does not. I have tried reinstalling several times with no luck. It exhibits the same behavior. Reinstalling to the phone took quite a while because I believe it downloads a lot of data, however with the tablet it is quick, it never seemed to try and download all the extra data.

The tablet is a Samsung Galaxy Tab S (SM-T800) running Android 6.0.1

The phone is a Huawei P9 Lite running Android 7.0

I usually use the tablet and it has always run perfectly until now. Thank you for any help or advice to solve this.




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    There seem to be a lot of posts lately with similar problems and the common theme seems to be very old versions of Android. Unfortunately, tablets need to be replaced every 4-5 years to keep up with apps that are developing for the latest tech. I had to upgrade my tab specifically for SS6 when it came out and expect I'll have to do the same when SS7 comes out later this year.

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    Has there been any progress towards actually finding out the cause of the problem though. I would happily run the version from a few months back if I could. 

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