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Wi-Fi connection - technical problem with the SKYSAFARI 5 PRO, VER


I have a technical problem with the SKYSAFARI 5 PRO, VER application.
The application does not want to connect via wifi to the mount.

My equipment:
Mount: SkyWatcher AZ-EQ6 GT
WiFi: Skywatcher SynScan WiFi, IP Port 11880
mobile: Iphone 11 PRO soft 14.7.1

After entering the above access data to the SKYSAFARI 5 PRO , the application does not connect and gives the message: "can't make a wireless network connection to the scope. Make sure You've joined its Wi-Fi network, and entered its IP adress correctly"

I am sure: I logged in to the wifi network and entered the correct access data.

With the dedicated Skywatcher software, everything works without any problems.

I kindly ask for help.


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