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Sky Safari Pro 6 Crashing on Multiple Android Devices


I have been an active user of Sky Safari Pro 6 for a while. I had it installed on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e for quite an extensive period with it working just fine. I haven't used it for a couple of months, and have noticed that it now crashes on start up with the latest update. I've also tried to install a copy on my Samsung Galaxy S21 mobile phone, and it's experiencing the same start up crashing issues.

I've tried troubleshooting based on a forum post from Simulation Curriculum that mentions to disable mobile data (relates to the Galaxy S21 phone only), uninstall the application, and reinstall which leads to the same result for both my Samsung Galaxy tablet, and mobile device.

When I repeatedly try to load the app, after numerous times, it will eventually load the app, but the main sky view content screen is black without showing any sky objects (stars, grids, equator, horizon, etc). The bottom menu does display, but the sky objects and content does not. Once again, this issue is replicated on both devices.

I have also purchased a copy of Sky Safari Pro 6 for my MacBook in the past, and can confirm that their are no issues with the MacOS version, it appears to be limited to my Samsung Galaxy devices only. I also have no issues with my copy of Starry Night Pro Plus 8 as well on iOS. Unfortunately, I do not have a copy for iOS mobile devices, so I can't test that version.

My assumption is that there is a bug in the code for Android/Samsung devices that doesn't appear to work well with the base operating system. I use these applications extensively, and would like to put them into use again for my observatory.

Please let me know if this is a known issue that is currently being worked on with the development team, or if there is anything else I can do to help speed up the working release or if I can help troubleshoot Sky Safari Pro 6 on Android devices any further.


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    I'm guessing developers will want to know what Android version you're currently running on each device.  I'm also assuming you're running SS 6 Pro (Help > Scroll Down near bottom).  Obviously if you can't get the app to launch, it's harder to tell exactly what version you're running there other than 'latest available in store'. :)


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    Great feedback Chris, absolutely!

    Galaxy Tab S5e
    - Android Ver: 11
    - SS6 Ver: (uninstalled, but current version at the Google Play store)

    Galaxy S21
    - Android Ver: 11
    - SS6 Ver:

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