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Folders in Observing Lists + highlight options

Someone posted the idea in 2018, but I'll ask again. It would be nice to have a way to organize Observing lists. It can be either folder or tags. I guess by folder is when a list can be only in one folder, while tags are the same but allow a list to be under more than one folder.

Also, some requests about highlighting

Also, it would be nice the following highlight options:

* It takes too many clicks to highlight an observing list and this is a primary task for me. Yes, I'm lazy. When I observe I want to concentrate in the eyepiece, not in the tablet.

*Permanent highlight/hide list button. Now, when you "unhighlight" the list from the menu appearing on the sky chart, that menu bottom disappears... you must start again (go back to the observing list menu, selecting the list, actions and settings... too long)

* Allow more than one list to be highlighted. well, this very low priority and could be confusing for the app, especially if an object is in two lists



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