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How Come SkyWatcher Scope Tracking Begins To Drift When Using SynScan Pro App & SkySafari 6 Pro?


I own an azgti mount. I use it along with an ipad pro and sky safary 6 plus. Here is the thing …. I do align the mount with synscan pro app. No issue there, fine. I then connect skysafari with telescope. Fine. But after 30 seconds or so the object i am pointing to drifts out of sight. No tracking at all. Ive been told about synscan app not working in the background on ios devices. I love to use sky safari with my telescope. Observing list are so helpful. But right now iam frustrated. Should i change any setting either in sysncan app or sky safari. 

could you please give me a hint on how to work this out

regards from spain


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    Jose Joaquin

    Thanks for useful feedback. I bought luminos and my problem is over. Never again sky safari

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    Keiron Smith


    SynScan issues should be posted and discussed in the SkyWatcher community forum.

    SkySafari | SkyWatcher Telescopes

    There are many previous discussions to review.

    Thanks for your feedback.

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