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SkySafari Pro work-around setup for Temma2Z

Hello, I've found work-around SkySafari 6 Pro setup for connection with Temma2Z via Bluetooth.

1. Select 'Demo Interface' in Scope Type.

2. Set 'Set Time & Location' on

3. Select 'Takahashi Temma 2' in Scope Type

SkySafari (3) Pro release 1.8.5  has no trouble with Temma2Z without Setting time & location.

SkySafari 4 Pro has the trouble as same as SkySafari 6 Pro, but step1 is not necessary. step2 can be always set in scope type - Takahashi Temma2.

SkySafari 5 Pro needs the work-around as same as SkySafari 6 Pro.


Temma2M has no trouble, but Temma2Z has the trouble. I faced it a few years ago.

I checked the serial command from SkySafari via bluetooth on PC terminal software,

I use RN240/270 by Microchip Technology for bluetooth - UART converter.

SkySafari 4,5 and 6 Pro sends  $$$ at first, then E<CR,LF> without Setting time & location.

SkySafari 3 Pro sends $$$ at first, next PS <CR,LF>,  then E<CR,LF>  without setting 'Set time & location'.

Setting 'Set time & location' on, SkySafari 3 Pro sends $$$ at first, next I<+/-latitude><CR,LF>, next T<time><CR,LF>, PS<CR,LF>, then E<CR/LF>.

SkySafari Pro 4,5,6 sends $$$ at first, next I+<latitude><CR,LF>, next T<time><CR,LF>, then E<CR,LF>.

There is PS between $$$ and E, so that SkySafari 3 Pro has no trouble even if setting 'Set time & location' off.

It seemes that longer time needs a bit between $$$ and the first command, because Temma2M is working on the same algorithm,

or remove $$$  which is Bluetooth Data module Command by Roving Networks.

Could you please check and improve it for the next release?

Best regards,

Yutaka Takagi




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