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How To Add A Custom Panorama To SS6 Pro Using Google Pixel 5A? (Answer: Read On!)

I can't seem to find a way to put my pano files into the pixel 5a phone. This is with skysafari pro 6. The pixel 5a does not have an ssd card slot. When I try and copy the pano from downloads I can't find where the Sky Safari "horizon" directory is located. 

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    Jamie Amendolagine

    OK -- I managed to do it. That was one of the more painful ridiculous things I've experienced on this phone. I was able to move the file by selecting it with a long press. Touch the selected image again, then I got an icon of the image I could do some sort of drag and drop operation. I had to hover the selected icon over the data directory then drill down. It kept on dropping it in the wrong place. Eventually I was able to do it in some app called "total commander", give it special permission, and it was still really hard to get it to do anything. Somehow I got the file in the directory. Ridiculous! Now it works though, but this procedure was I'm sure much less secure because of their terrible "security" feature!!!

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