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Sky Safari 6 Pro + Nexus DSC Pro Intermittent Tracking Error

I have a Nexus DSC Pro connected via wifi to SkySafari Pro v 6.

It usually works fine. Sometimes, however, when I’m moving the scope the tracking on SkySafari moves few degrees on my iPad, jumps back to the previous position, resumes tracking from the now incorrect position, then jumps back again after moving the scope a few more degrees. Rinse and repeat.

Once this happens, disconnecting SkySafari from the Nexus Pro and reconnecting doesn’t fix the problem. Nor does closing and reopening SkySafari. I haven’t yet tried rebooting the Nexus or the iPad. I’ve just given up on SkySafari for that session and reverted to using the Nexus on its own, which continues to work fine if a little less convenient.

I don’t think there’s any problem with the Nexus reading the encoders because the Nexus system continues to work fine without SkySafari.

I don’t think that the wifi is dropping since the jump back and tracking resumption is instantaneous and happens over and over. Unless a wifi drop and reconnect can happen within milliseconds.

Is there a problem with SkySafari processing the data coming from the Nexus? Are there settings in either the Nexus or SkySafari that would prevent this?

Thanks for any advice you can offer.


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    Keiron Smith


    Telescope control & support has received a significant overhauling from the bottom up in SkySafari 7 Pro.

    SS7 Pro is presently on sale at a 50% discount.

    Please consider upgrading to SS7 in order to further troubleshoot any issues you have encountered with SkySafari and Nexus DSC Pro.


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    Keiron Smith

    Perhaps Albireo can assist here with SS6 Pro.

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