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Scope manual slewing with gamepad/remote

Hi! I have been happily using Skysafari for controlling Synscan running in background on the same phone for some time. Works great with goto!

But recently I have tried to improve manual slewing which is not so great as the buttons om screen are easy to miss and my eyes are split between scope and app.

I tried using a gamepad connected to my phone to get physical buttons to press and keep my eye in the scope, but the stick and directional keys only rotated the view in app as if swiping.

Unlocked view is a must have for goto so I can look around in app for targets, but it would be great if locked view could directly slew the mount with joystick or directional keys instead.

In theory this should only need updated keymapping to work, making it a really low hanging fruit!

I think many people would love this feature! With it they could use simple 10€ bluetooth gamepad many already have laying around instead of buying 200+€ on mount handcontroller.


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