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Greek Symbol (or Flamsteed Number) Without Constellation Designation

I would like the option to display the Greek letter (or Flamsteed number) of the stars without the constellation designation.   If the star has a Greek letter, only the Greek letter will be displayed.  If the star does not have a Greek letter, the Flamsteed number will be displayed.  But no constellation designation.

For observers who know their constellations, the constellation designation next to the Greek letters or Flamsteed numbers is not necessary and just takes up space on the screen.

Ideally, I'd like the stars to be labelled with the Greek letter (or the Flamsteed number) and the proper name, if it has a proper name, without the constellation designation.

This is the way that printed star atlases label the stars:  Greek letter or Flamsteed number only, maybe a proper name as well, with no constellation designation after the Greek letter or number.  The constellation designation is only displayed once along a boundary of the constellation.



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