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Surface grid, pole sticks and terminator for comets and asteroids

In older versions of Starry Night I appreciated the possibility to apply a surface grid, pole sticks and terminator on comet nuclei and asteroids, as extremely useful to reproduce the correct orientation (where available), to understand celestial  mechanics (such as the effects of insolation on a comet nucleus depending on the inclination of the spin axis), or to make simulations. In more recent versions (I have just purchased v. 8), despite there is still the possibility to determine the orientation of the spin axis in the orbit editor, the surface grid and pole sticks are no longer available (except for planets). The lack of pole sticks also prevents to understand where the comet/asteroid poles are and how they move once the RA/Dec values have been entered/changed in the orbit editor. 

Is there any chance that this useful function is restored in a future upgrade?



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