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[### User Guide ###] SkyWatcher + SynScan Pro App Configuration With SkySafari 7 Pro


Here is a new user guide to get connected - this will be updated based on user feedback.

Setup suggested prerequisites

  • Skywatcher Mount - (e.g. AZEQ6 used in this case)
  • Stable power supply for Mount - (e.g. Nevada 13.8v 8A supply used - stable supply essential as unregulated can affect tracking)
  • SynScan Wifi Module - Plugged into mount
  • iPhone - Latest IOS, Synscan Pro app and SkySafari 7 Pro - ensure phone charged sufficiently 
  • Centring LED illuminated Reticule Eyepiece ~12mm

Setup Steps

Note: This guide is focused towards AZ setup - if using EQ mode adjust relevant steps as required

  • Power on mount with Synscan plugged in
  • In iPhone, goto wifi and connect to the Synscan wifi hotspot

  • Once connected, goto Synscan Pro app and click "connect" at the top

  • Assuming connected, select a relevant mode - this guide is using AZ mode. Note if device is not found, a box will pop up to say 'find devices', use this to search for the mount

  • Once connected you will be taken to main screen as show below. Click Alignment once this displays

  • Any of these modes can be used, I use North-level Alignment (2 star) - this guide is written for this one. Click the top right North-level Alignment 

  • Now select the first of 2 suitable starts for alignment. Note it is strongly suggested to use 2 stars within specification using guidance from the manual. 
  • From the manual:
  •  It is recommended that the altitude of the two alignment stars are between 15 and 60 degrees and the deviation of altitude is between 10 and 30 degrees. The azimuth deviation of the two alignment stars can be between 45 and 135 degrees, it is best to be close to 90 degrees.
  • Suggest best way to find 2 stars if not already decided, switch back to SS7 and select 2 suitable stars using coordinates shows at top of screen (separate guide will be created if needed

  • Now select the second alignment star

  • Once done you will be show 2 starts that were selected, example below. You can click Begin Alignment:

  • It will ask to level scope, do this then click next

  • The scope will slew to first star. Now goto eyepiece and centre, once done click the tick. The mount will then slew to next star, repeat the same process by centre star and click tick
  • If successful, you should get a message saying "alignment successful" - example below. If fails repeat the above process.

  • Now switch over to SkySafari7 and goto Menu>Settings

  • Goto Telescope>pre-sets. Note if not used before, you should likely see "Demo interface" rather than Skywatcher as shown below

  • Click Other assuming you are using Synscan wifi dongle

  • Click Alt-Az as shown below, then scroll down and select Skywatcher SynScanLink

  •  Now click next and it should show the below, where you then click Save Preset

  • Ensure the preset you just setup is selected and click Done

  • In SkySafari now click Scope>connect

  • The screen will briefly flick over and automatically invoke Synscan Pro app as shown - this is normal

  • The screen should then flick back after a couple of seconds to Skysafari centred on the first alignment star - you should be ready to go! Note ive turned on reticule circles hence blue circles

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    Zdenathormann Hloušek

    I would like to ask about the settings. Where are the blue circles around the found object in the SkySafari 7 Pro program? And another question I will see the movement of the engine on the selected star, planet, etc in the SkySafari 7 Pro app? If so, what must be done in SkySafari 7 Pro settings to make it possible. Thank you.

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