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Sky Safari 7 appearance

I recently upgraded my version of Sky Safari 6 Plus to the Pro version of Sky Safari 7 for my iPhone. While everything works fine, I am disappointed with the new interface, especially how the menus take up more of the screen's real estate on my small phone. On SS6 the buttons were fixed at the bottom of the screen, while in SS7 the buttons are much smaller and there is a significant unhelpful distance between the menu and the bottom of the screen and between any sub-menus (such as the date/time function which is very useful for planning). The difference is quite obvious in the image attached. I also don't like the way that I need to rotate my phone to landscape mode in order to see some of the menus, while in SS6 I could simply swipe the menu bar across. I'd also like the ability to change the colour of the grid lines, the reddish/orange colour is particularly hard to read.

I am not against changing the user interface to make improvements, however this seems to be a change that has made things worse. Is it at all possible to provide an option to display the menus as per the SS6 implementation? 



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