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How To Connect SkySafari 6 Pro Via Skywatcher WiFi SynScan To AZEQ6 Mount? (Answer: Read On!)

Hi can anyone help me to get this to connect to my Skywatcher AZEQ6 Pro via the Skywatcher WiFi dongle. I can get the SynScan working the mount but the Safari won't connect to the mount. Phone is a Huawei P30 Pro running android. Cheers

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    Keiron Smith


    Per your own reply in the ticket, you said the solution was to:

    1. Open Optimizer on the home screen. 
    2. Touch the Battery icon. 
    3. Find and touch App launch. 
    4. Toggle off the switch next to the desired app. 
    5. In the displayed Manage manually dialog box, toggle on the Run in background switch.

    What is "Optimizer"?  Can you add screenshots here too?


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