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Loving my Rediscovery of SNP8 - but could we please beef up the Observation Logging?

I just spent the weekend manually entering all the observations I had made over the past 11 months. It was fairly grueling (300 observations). Could we please add import capabilities for OAL and CSV files?

I understand you have a new LiveSky developer who might be able to work on this. May his friends rise up and call him blessed. We can't wait. Writers above were asking for this sort of thing 4 years ago. It just cannot possibly happen quickly enough.

I wish we could beef up some of the observing/logging capaibilities within Starry Night Pro itself. It's ok to have to go to LiveSky, but it would be BETTER if it were built into the program itself. Even just starting with sorting observation sessions by name or date would be helpful.

I wish the observing/logging interface were more powerful. For example, could we have "plus-signs" that would expand, revealing the observation logs from that observation session? 

I wish it would count the number of sessions, number of observations, and number of objects observed.

There's a bug in the observation "notes" window. About every 6th or 7th "new observation" constricts the note field to 2 or 3 characters or so. I have to delete the new observation and open another. In the second instance, it works. One can see this in my YouTube Channel videos. I can provide URL and frame number if need be. Sometimes, it won't let me paste text into the observation note field. But other times it will.

I've started a thread on CloudyNights called, "1000 reasons I love Starry Night Pro." I am indeed truly loving it. But these improvements would sure help make it even more lovable! : )

Thank you for considering!


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    Here's an example of the true potential:

    I recognize that Starry Night Pro is kind of a planetarium program with observation logging on the side, and Eye & Telescope is an observation logging program with star maps on the side, but wow... if we could possibly develop Starry Night Pro (with as a helper) into offering these kinds of capabilities -- like Eye & Telescope and also AstroPlanner (at ) wow - it would truly be in a class of its own, not only as a planetarium program, but also as an observation-logging tool too. I'm all in - and I hope your new livesky programmer will be too. Thanks!

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