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How hard would it be to make Starry Night Pro "behave" in the alt-tabbing shortcut?

I wonder why Starry Night Pro won't let me "alt-tab" to it. I always have to resort just to minimizing whatever is in front of it. Is there some Windows protocol that Starry Night Pro was supposed to have followed, but didn't? I've been a Windows user since (literally) 1991. I've never seen any other application in all those 30 years that didn't allow that simple Windows keystroke. Obviously, I still love Starry Night Pro and I'm "all in" in every way. I just think it would make the application more robust (and Windows-like) if it would follow the Windows expectation of allowing us to alt-tab to is as we switch from other applications.


Thanks for considering.


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    Jack Hunt

    Has there been any update on this, as it's still an issue?

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