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Suggestions for SkySafari Pro/Plus

1) SkySafari telescope control needs 'Precise Goto' (refer Celestron)
2) Needs a saved list of the user's alignment stars (per session)
3) Needs 'Save Last Alignment' (refer Celestron)
4) Needs an additional slew rate between 1 and 2 (1 is slowest and 4 is fastest).  Hand controllers for Goto mounts include up to 9 slew rates.  How does this compare to SkySafari with 4 slew rates ?

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    1) Reflector telescopes need 'Precise Goto' because they have an inherent image-shift due to their optical array of mirrors.  This particular characteristic is hardly condemned because it goes along with an averted viewing practice.  (The rod cells are located off-center of the eye's retina).  However, to locate something hard to find, it is best to place it at the center of the eyepiece.  Precise Goto will do this with negligible or no image-shift because the slew distance is so short. 

    2) It's always a good idea to keep track of your alignment stars (or alignment objects).  A saved list of alignment stars/objects could appear somewhere in the Settings menu.

    3) If you experience a power outage (or your batteries die), or experience a wireless connection failure where you need to power-cycle the mount, you will completely lose your 4-star alignment (or 3-star alignment, ..).  If the star alignment is saved (again, somewhere in the Settings menu) you simply choose 'Last Alignment' and you are back up again.  This assumes, of course, you didn't move the tripod or readjust the mount's clutches - only a power failure.  (Sometimes you need to power-cycle the mount to overcome a connection failure, but this erases the alignment).

    4) On my mount (Celestron AVX) slew rate 1 is too slow and slew rate 2 is too fast at about 200X power.  It needs an additional rate between 1 and 2.

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