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SS5 Pro and SS6 Pro integrating with CCDCiel and ASTAP

Hello, Happy New Year and thank you for these great apps.

I have been using SS5 Pro on my Mac Mini at the observatory.

It does a superb job of getting the objects centered after a GOTO. First I do a one star sync with my Losmandy Gemini 2 handset.

What I am trying to do now, is use the ASTAP plate solving along with the telescope control in CCDCiel, to get accurate centering after the GOTO and after a Meridian flip. 

I asked Patrick Chevalley of CDC and CCDCiel if SkySafari can integrate with CCDCiel and ASTAP to provide the RA/DEC of the object after the GOTO is finished.

Here is what he replied.

"I have no idea if Skysafari include an external command interface like CdC or HNSKY.
To include it in the planetarium interface I need at least a command to know the last object you click or search in Skysafari. And if possible command to ask it to search for an object name and to display a solved image.
Do you know some Skysafari documentation about that?"

So, is it possible for SkySafari to work with those apps, and provide the commands, and the object RA/DEC coordinates?

I would prefer to stay with SS rather than use CDC or HNSKY planetarium/control apps.




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