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How to save two StarSense Calibration settings for two SS systems on SkySafari-6 Pro Android

I know there's a way to store multiple StarSense Calibration settings for multiple SS setups on my Android phone using SkySafari-6 Pro, but I can't remember the procedure for saving or recalling different Calibration settings now.  I want to move my Android phone between my two SS setups.  Both use Celestron WiFi so the SS centering Calibration settings are stored in the phone, not the SS HC.

One of my systems uses a NexStar Evolution mount with its built-in Celestron WiFi (Access Point WiFi setting).  The other system uses a Celestron SkyPortal WiFi gen-3 dongle plugged into a Celestron CPC Deluxe mount.  And that setup is also setup for Access Point WiFi.

Is it within the Celestron WiFi settings sub-menu -- the orange "C" logo? 


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