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SkyFi unable to connect to Celestron CPC 925

I have been using the SkyFi wifi module successfully with SkySafari 6 Plus and my Celestron NexStar 8SE for well over a year now without issue.  I recently purchased a Celestron CPC 925 scope, which according to your doc should work identically to the NexStar 8SE.  However, no matter what scope series I select using SkySafari 6 Plus, I get the same message:  Connection Failure - SkySafari Plus can make a wireless connection to the scope, but the scope is not responding.  Make sure the scope is powered on and connected...etc, etc.  At first I thought it might be an issue with the scope firmware, but I just used Celestron's Firmware Manager tool to update the CPC handset to the most recent version.  Please help as I rely on your WiFi module and SkySafari for observing...thank you!
Roy Abitbol

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    Roy Abitbol

    Note:  I tried to submit a support ticket but was unable to do so, the SkyFi support form kept redirecting me to this forum.  My direct email address is  Thanks!

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