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SF6 Pro, SynScan Pro, and Android 12

SkyWatcher updated SynScan Pro to ver. 2.0.0, it became available on 4/2/22. Version 2.0.0 now supports Android 12. I can now launch SynScan Pro and align/control my XX12G as expected with use location sensor On. I do, however, have a new issue with SkySafari 6 Pro. I was unable to connect to and control the XX12G, so I took the basic steps (clear app cache, data, reinstall, check settings, etc) but have had no success. The message in SS6P says the app can connect but there is no response from the scope. What I found is happening is SynScan Pro crashes when I try to connect the scope in SkySafari. It doesn't matter if location sensor usage is on or off. Device: Galaxy S22 Ultra OS: Android 12 Scope: Orion XX12G SynScan Ver 2.0.0 SkySafari Pro Ver Thanks, Mike


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    Mike Atkins

    Heard back from SkyWatcher, they said:

    We have noticed this issue. It looks like the new app can not let Android know that it wants to run in the background. We will try to solve this issue.

    Currently, if your device supports a Freeform window(Floating window) or split window which allows running two apps, you can run the SynScan Pro app in the small window to keep it working.

    I have an Idea for a workaround, will provide details if it works.

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    Mike Atkins

    Ok, SkyWatcher's suggestion does work.


    Open SynScan
    Pull up recent apps
    Touch the icon for SynScan, choose to open in a pop-up window
    Open SkySafari
    Go back to the pop-up view for SynScan
    Turn the Go-To mount on
    Connect to Scope's WiFi
    Preform alignment
    Connect via SkySafari

    NOTE: Do not close or 100% minimize the SynScan window. Doing so will cause SynScan to crash and you'll lose connection to the scope.

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