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Incorrect phasing of Lunar eclipse as seen from New Zealand. Timing error in Sky Safari 6 Pro?

Kia ora from New Zealand!

I was looking to simulate the forthcoming Lunar Eclipse as seen from my home in New Zealand. I believe there's an error somewhere in the software code
that has the time of the lunar eclipse wrong by 1 hour for my location. 

I believe there is a timing error somewhere in the programme (Sky Safari 6 Pro) which causes the predicted phase to be wrong by 1 hour. According to the software the total phase ends at 17:55 local time when the total phase of the eclipse actually ends at 16:55.

My location is Dunedin in New Zealand, the position of which was chosen from the drop down menu in the location button. 

According to the almanac, from my location the total phase of the eclipse isn't visible; the moon will rise partially eclipsed.


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