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SS7 Pro: Feature Requests

# Sky Safari 7 Pro Requests

  1. SS7 Pro (SS7P) I am unable to find how to hide toolbar, similar to SS6P functionality; available in both portrait & landscape. Prior to SS6P, the toolbar could be disabled in landscape; prefer SS6 functionality. Please restore functionality.
  2. SS7P UI request to restore location and functionality of SS6 Coordinates/FOV. Location: respective upper left and right corners, reduces obstruction and clutter to the display. functionality: retain ability to launch the respective pop-ups regardless if Coordinates/FOV is shown or hidden. Otherwise, provide tool bar option for respective pop-up for each Coordinates and FOV, to have these features available when Coordinates/FOV is hidden. Appears that object info and Coordinates/FOV share the same field.
  3. Feature request: ability to customize object pop-up menu with any configuration item that is available in settings.

“Kudos” to product & dev teams to making incremental updates to optimize the user interface and user experience with a full screen display, comprehensive customization, and feature rich app. Love that Moon has been restored, rather than the graphic icon. Since SS5P object double tap to measure from last selected item has been abandoned, having the measurement tool available at the pop-up of selected object is better than going to Selection on menu on the toolbar.

Initially did not like nor use SS7P, still preferred SS5P or SS6P, but the changes made so far are fantastic!

Thank you, Peter


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