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Non sideral tracking speed

Good morning, I'm sorry for my poor english... I have Skysafari 5+ on Android phone and it works very fine with Skywatcher Az-Gti though wifi connection. This is my question: is there a way to point and track an artificial satellite (or asteroids and comets) with its each properly orbital data and speed? I have heared about an app only for iOS, Luminos, that can do it so should be great Skysafari have this feauture too!

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    Keiron Smith


    In Settings > Solar System > Update Minor Body Orbit Data (do this everyday)

    Asteroids and comets can be tracked.  But, their trajectories (orbital elements) are changing very fast, and so daily updates are required to ensure daily tracking accuracy.

    Select your asteroid or comet and use your scope Go-To functionality.  The object should show up in the eyepiece.

    Satellites are travelling too fast for most scopes to track.  This is a limit regarding the hardware, not the software.


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